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“This is an easy-to-read must-have resource for any to-be-entrepreneur in a foreign country. The best thing about this book is it actually highlights the challenges faced by expats in a foreign country and how to overcome these and not just highlighting the glossy `success’ stories. For anyone who has taken the decision that they want to leave their `home’ to explore new culture in an unknown territory, this is a priceless resource with some great examples and interviews from successful entrepreneurs. Highly recommend this!” – Subaskar, London UK

“Here’s a book written with love for entrepreneurship and the will to help those venturing on the exciting adventure to start their own business. Its well-structured chapters and the flowing writing will simply make you want to start your own business now!” – Ekaterini Tzoridou, Amsterdam Netherlands

“A truly inspiring book with guidelines and worksheets to help anyone who is thinking of starting their own business whether in their own or a foreign country. It shows that anyone can do it and there’s always help available. Success stories from expatriate entrepreneurs are full of advice and encouragements – as in the old saying “where there’s a will, there is a way”. Even though I have had my own business for some time, I still found a lot of tips and several “light bulb” moments. Highly recommended if you are thinking of starting a new business or even if you are already a business owner.” –Tony Ragett, UK

“This is a brilliant book for any entrepreneur who is starting their business life. But most importantly it really guides you as an expat into the trials and tribulations you may encounter when you run a business in another country. It takes you step by step through the process in a simple and yet very clear way. The book is so friendly and yet powerful in its message to entrepreneurs that “yes you can do it, you just need some tips and guidance on the way”. And that you are not alone in doing it. It will help you become one of a tribe of people around the world who is working hard to run their business in another country, but with the network and support of your colleagues out there. I found this book extremely easy to navigate and read. Heidi and Meghan have done a stellar job in combining facts, advice and top tips from people around the globe that is really useful and helpful. I would recommend this strongly to anyone who is an entrepreneur, in their own country or abroad.” – Tone Tellefsen Hughes, UK