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Originally from Israel, Tal moved with her husband, in the middle of winter, to Toronto Canada leaving her television career behind and is now an ‘entrepreneur stay at home mom’.

Digital Life for the Expat WifeName: Tal
Business/Company: Digital Life for The Expat Wife, online business
Country/countries of origin: Israel
Expat country/countries: Canada
Current country: Canada

Tal’s story in a nutshell:

My name is Tal. 38 years old, Tomer’s wife, a mother of two wonderful kids: Noya (5) and Romy (3) and pregnant with my third baby (Coming in August 2015! :-))

It’s been three years since my husband and I left Israel and moved to Toronto, Canada, so that he could join the family business operating here.

We came in the middle of the winter. People who know a thing or two about the Canadian winter will tell you it’s the most stupid thing to do but this is the way I am: When I make a decision I almost immediately execute my plan, for better or worse.  

Starting my life in a new country, pregnant with my second child, I was searching for our new home and roots. I left my career back in my homeland and became a Stay-at-home-mom.

But it wasn’t enough for me. From a very young age, I was always searching for my freedom (emotionally, financially) and the relocation didn’t change that.

Fast forward three years later and, after a long journey, I am currently the owner of “digital life for the expat wife”: an online business where I help people (especially expat women like me) to learn the skills and foundations of the digital business. I provide what they need so they can work and earn an income from anywhere in the world, to use their creativity and passion to create their new digital profession.

Biggest start up / expat challenge:

TalMost of you probably think that moving from the Israeli weather to the Canadian winters was the hardest things for me. Well, it wasn’t. I actually love the Canadian winter (most of the time) and find it very refreshing (after growing up in a 45 Celsius average, you know…).  
I have to say that to leaving my 12-year career behind, in Israel, was the most difficult thing for me. I was working as a producer at a TV children’s channel and I studied for a long time to get the position I was in. It was literally as if I had ‘lost my career’ and all the meaning that I had as a ‘TV producer’ and a “career woman” disappeared.

On the other hand I knew that I wanted a big family, and when I say big, I mean 3-4 kids at least (if you ask my husband he will tell you 6!). So between ‘making babies’ and moving to another country, I didn’t find a new job but was starting my own business, which as you know, is a ‘rollercoaster’ journey in itself…To let go of the “TV producer” woman and become an “Entrepreneur Stay at home mom” wasn’t the easiest twist in my life.

Who are your cheerleaders?:

First and foremost: my husband. Knowing my sacrifice coming to Canada so he could improve his career while I’m leaving my life, family and friends in Israel, he was sensitive to my relocation experience, to my wants and needs.

He especially encouraged me (and still does) to become my own boss, to run and continue with my digital business, even in the beginning, when I didn’t get much results (and to use all the funds that I need to do it well). He is completely trusts me and appreciates me, staying with the kids while he is travelling on long demanding business trips and he says it and shows it in every chance that he gets.

My second cheerleaders are my parents who took the news of us living Israel in such a noble way (even though it was a very sad to them, considering my brother is living in Australia…). From day one, and every day since, they support us with making decisions in our lives even when it doesn’t fit with their own desires. They also make the emotional and financial effort to come visit us here, in Canada, which makes me very happy.

What are your words of Wisdom?:

“Free your mind and the rest will follow.”

Overcoming fear:

My first “Entrepreneurial journey” was a company named “Bookit!” where I offered people to collect their old photos and edit it in a photo book. It was nice idea but I didn’t know how to market it well so it didn’t liftoff as I expected. But one thing I’m happy I did in this journey is to make presentations in front of audiences in English. For me it’s a ‘Biggy’ as my English is not my first language, I have a heavy accent and It was like rocket science in my mind before I did it the first time. However, with the first presentation came the second one, and then the third and I quickly found myself doing this English speaking thing not so bad. I even got compliments that I’m very fluent and my accent is actually sexy 🙂
This experience taught me two things:
1. Not everything that I see in myself is true, sometimes it’s only in my mind.        
2. What I consider as my weakness, people around me can consider as my big attraction component.

Where you find inspiration from:

I have to say definitely from my mentors and community at the Six Figure Mentors.

It’s an online academy and marketing system, who teaches the skills of how to create a digital business and an income stream from the internet. But they are not just teaching the technical skills (or as they put it: anyone can learn how to set an ad on FB/Google/YouTube).
A large portion of their education is all about changing and upgrading your mind, to create a belief in yourself and to train your mind to think for success.

To support this they are offering a blueprint to create your plan step by step, hand-in-hand with their mentors. They also provide weekly webinars and training sessions around marketing and mindset shifting. But the most ‘pumping’ element is to join their community of like-minded people, talking about how to upgrade yourself and sharing knowledge.

Plans for the future:

I opened ‘Digital life for the expat wife’ because I want to help other women who relocated and haven’t yet found their new passion and income after the move.

It’s not just about the money, it’s about the lifestyle.

We all know how difficult it is to move from your ‘comfort zone’, your homeland and start your life in a new place. It’s even harder when you want to create a life of independence, freedom and entrepreneurship overseas.

My plans is to help more and more women that would like to start an online business to do it with the right, solid foundations. I would like to establish a thriving community of expat women who can support and help each other in this journey and also create their financial and emotional freedom along the way.

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