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Rachel speaks 6 languages, has lived in several countries over the past 15 years.  Facing many challenges and opportunities along the way, she has learned from some great experiences. She teaches her expertise in cultural training and languages.

Name: Rachel Smets
Title: Coach, Mentor, Author
Business/Company: Rachel Smets Personal Coach / Expat to Inpat
Country/countries of origin: Belgium
Expat country/countries: UK, NL, France, Spain, UK, Scotland, India, Germany
Current country: Netherlands

Rachel’s story in a nutshell:

I LOVE languages and speak 6 different ones. Languages helped me in many ways: to integrate faster, to meet locals, to understand the culture better, to find jobs easier, to travel, ….And I teach them too, specifically conversations. I find it important that people can get out there and TALK, instead of focusing on the grammar and then get scared of making mistakes. So, I work with topics that are important to each person, so learning becomes interesting and FUN.

What are your words of Wisdom?:

1. Always turn challenges into opportunities. Every challenge you face is something you learn from and grow.

2. You are NOT alone! You are certainly not the only one feeling down at times. You are certainly not alone feeling stressed out. You are not the only one thinking ‘’why am I doing this?’’ Trust me, if others can do it, so can you!

Cultural differences:

Is my passion! I love meeting new cultures and people and that experience is what I share in webinars, video tutorials, and speaking events.

Overcoming fear:

FACE the fear and get through it. Nothing comes easy.

Personal challenges:

Being single and facing every challenge without any close support is challenging, but it makes me stronger each time again.

How you stay motivated:

I think it’s in my nature, just like discipline. And I love motivating others. I become happy when I see others grow and learn.

Plans for the future:

I always have goals and plans:

  • Continue with languages conversation classes
  • Webinars and speaking events about Cultures and integration
  • Coach clients to boost their confidence
  • Publish my  book on Confidence
  • Make a video series with successful confident people
  • Work with companies to train the employees in culture

Final words:

Rachel Smets Personal CoachNever give up! If you want to know more about me, simply ASK me 🙂

Follow Rachel:

FB: www.facebook.com/expatguidance/

Twitter: @RachelSmets

YouTube: www.youtube.com

Website: www.RachelSmets.com

Expat to Inpat: www.expattoinpat.com

Rachel Smets


  1. Meghan and Heidi

    Thank you so much Rachel for chatting with Heidi and for sharing your advice on starting up a business while working full-time. You have so much energy and passion for what you do, we’re certain this is helpful and inspirational for others who are in similar work/business situations too. I love that you are not phased by spending your time off and weekends working on your business – it truly shows your commitment and your enthusiasm for what you do. Thank you! Meghan and Heidi.

  2. Thank you Heidi and Meghan,
    It’s always a pleasure talking to you and finding so much in common as expat entrepreneurs as well.

    You guys provide awesome work with all the information and book you provide.
    Great work!

    Keep in touch,

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