Success Stories

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Jeff's World BarJeff Morrow
Business: Jeff’s World Bar, Morrow Enterprises Original country: USA Expat country: Japan

While living and working in Kumamoto, Japan, Jeff searched for a bar where you can simply have a beer, meet people and have a chat. A lot of bars were ‘snack bars’ at that time which are basically bars with female staff members who pour whiskey and keep Japanese business men company. Jeff saw this as a niche he could fill and with the help of one of his English language students who was a successsful businessman, Jeff’s World Bar was born. Along the way, Jeff also learned Japanese, expanded and remodelled the bar and 14 years later, they are still going strong!

“For me, being an expat is very interesting and challenging, but not without stresses. I opened my mind tenfold when I came to Japan. Living in another country is a wonderful life experience. I enjoy helping people and making a difference in their lives, and I find that most people are open to
me and my ideas.”


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FLP Eagle logo-webHelen Raggett
Business: Forever Living Independent Distributor Original country: Hong Kong Expat country: UK

From a blind date in Hong Kong, to global success in the UK, Helen has certainly been on an entrepreneurial journey since moving to England in 1984 to marry her British husband. Helen is an indepenedent distributor for Forever Living and manages her own team of Forever Living distributors.

“I have Flexibility and Freedom – I’m able to spend more time with family – able to take time off in emergency at a drop of a hat – I decide my own income. Good feedback from customers is very rewarding and satisfying.”


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scottyScott Rifenbark
Business: Scotty’s Bar & Grill Original country: USA Expat country: Belize

Scott and his wife Nancy were both looking for a life change in a new and warmer environment. Belize offered affordable properties and a warm climate so, in 2008 with their daughter Kristi as an investing an active partner, they started on their expat entrepreneurial journey and opened a bar and grill, the only ‘USA-flavored’ restaurant in Corozal Town.

“Having a cool bar in a tropical country is unique. For me, just owning the place is worth it. Working in and getting to know a completely different culture is high on the list. I enjoy being able to provide the community we are in with some benefits like sponsorships and community involvement.”







cw-webMary Jane Roy
Business: Creating Waves Original country: Canada Expat country: the Netherlands

Mary Jane was looking for a life change and a better quality of life. She moved to the Netherlands with her Dutch husband, who wanted to return to his native land. She used her own experience of dealing with stress to create her business, Creating Waves. Mary Jane offers techniques and tools in order to help people deal with the way they encounter stress. She is also an expert speaker on stress and targets the English speaking market in the Netherlands. She is passionate about her business because she has first-hand experience of what she shares with others.

“Support each other; Collaborate whenever you can (the pie is big enough); Don’t re-invent the wheel unless there is no other option – use available resources. I love the freedom I have to live by my own values and to make my own choices.”

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CDM logoSarah and Johnny Robinson
Business: Caserio del Mirador, Child Friendly Holidays in Spain Original country: UK Expat country: Spain

Caserío del Mirador is a holiday business that specialises in families with young children. The Robinsons have a property with 5 apartments that guests rent for a week. Sarah and Johnny both had professional careers in London and decided they wanted to spend more time together as a family. They wanted to build something for themselves and realise their own ideas and dreams rather than investing their time working for someone else.

“We decided on Europe as we like the general social fabric, we identify with European values, and the cultural value of ancient villages and historic towns. Europe is politically stable, safe to live in, has good healthcare, transport infrastructure and easy access to the UK market – the market we best know. We chose Spain due to the climate, food, culture and landscape. We believe the people are open minded and are open to new ideas.”

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