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beijingpostcardsLars Ulrik Thom and Simon Gjeroe
Business: Beijing Postcards Original country: Denmark Expat country: China Current Country: China/Denmark

Beijing Postcards was born out of Lars and Simon’s frustration as tour guides in China and not being able to access any truly engaging information other than the straight facts about the places that they were visiting. What started out as 37,000 postcards in Simon’s kitchen, and not a pen between them, has turned into a thriving business. Over the years their original product, the postcards made from old photographs of Beijing, were joined by a shop on a famous street in Beijing called Nanluoguxiang – a must see destination for locals and visitors alike, educational talks, walking tours, guide books and many exciting new opportunities for further expansion which are on the horizon.

“What Beijing Postcards is about is making people relate to history. When we do the walks and the talks we always have a very fixed theme, we tell a story, we then tell the broader history through their story because it is easier to relate through people. This is the recipe that we want to continue and this is where we feel that we are different from the others and also it very difficult to copy us. We are thinking a lot about preserving [what is unique about Beijing Postcards and our approach].”


stories-jenJennifer Trew-Neal
Business: Freelance Accountant Original country: Canada Expat country: UK Current Country: Canada

Jennifer Trew-Neal is a Qualified Accountant turned entrepreneur! She founded HolyCow! Social Media after discovering there were many small businesses struggling with online marketing. She prided herself on providing 1-2-1 training and support tailored to each specific business. She was recently awarded with Best Online Business in the local Woman of the Year Awards in November of 2012!

“I absolutely loved my time in England and worked with many inspiring entrepreneurs, many who have become close friends. My husband’s job has found us living back to Canada, but I took my inspiration with me and I am continuing to work for myself in the finance industry back home. My proudest achievement? Without a doubt winning the Best Online Business Award!”

Social: @jenymoneypenny


olivityCaterina Tzoridou
Business: Olivity Original country: Greece Expat country: the Netherlands

Olivity is all about olive oil and its endless possibility as an ingredient to create savoury and sweet delicacies. Caterina move to the Netherlands at the age of 42. She is now fluent in Dutch and runs a thriving catering company specialising in Greek-Mediterranean flavors, using olive oil as the basic ingredient for all her products. In her home country, she is the author of nine published children’s books and she continues to write and translate on a freelance basis.

“Having won loyal customers, without adapting my recipes to what the local consumers might like is one of my greatest achievments. I love it when customers love something I grew up with! What Olivity offers are options for people in Amsterdam with different preferences or needs, while paying tribute to the Greek culinary tradition. Even though there is room for a good business anywhere, I am not sure there would be any point to having Olivity in Greece.”


Social: @olivityinfo / FB OlivityDelicacies





Stephanie_Ward_Banner_646x220Stephanie Ward
Business: Firefly Coaching, Marketing coach for small businesses Original country: USA Expat country: the Netherlands

Firefly Coaching helps entrepreneurs attract more clients and create meaningful and prosperous businesses. Stephanie works with clients virtually using the phone, Skype and email. Firefly coaching stands apart from other similar businesses because Stephanie offers practical marketing tips that business owners can really use in addition to marketing support on a strategic level.

“I am proud of the steps I’ve taken to continuously try new things. For example, creating information products (webinars and ebooks) and getting started with video. And I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve been in business for over ten years. It’s important to acknowledge achievments and celebrate them before moving on to the next thing on your list. Like to celebrate by taking time to do something special and thanking the people who helped me reach my goal.”


Social: @fireflycoaching / FB fireflycoaching / Pinterest





Blueseed-logoBaoguang Zhai
Business: Pingwest and Blueseed Original country: China Expat country: USA

Originally from Northwest China, Baoguang is a founding member of, the first Chinese online tech media site with a global outlook. His job title at Blueseed is Navigator, in the tradition of the adventurers who set off into uncharted territory and discovered new lands centuries ago. More restrictive immigration policies since 9/11 mean that the US is losing entrepreneurial talent instead of cultivating it. The Blueseed team came up with an entrepreneurial solution to set up a ship, 12 miles off the coast of San Francisco in International waters, where entrepreneurs can live, work, and most importantly incubate their business ideas. Being based in international waters will eliminate the visa requirement and allow international entrepreneurs, who wish to have access to the US market and particularly the networking resources in Silicon Valley, the time it takes to actually set up and get their business started.

“I have been in perpetual search for frontiers, which is why I became one of the most adamant supporters for the seasteading movement. Seasteaders are the 21st century equivalent of Christopher Columbus and Vasco Da Gama, driving humanity to new frontiers.”

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Social: @BlueseedProject