Here are our expat entrepreneur videos; video interviews, videos about the book, the book launch and some of the expats who are in our book. I hope you find these inspirational and also informative and helpful.

Watch Heidi’s interview with Elena Edwards. Imagine starting a business in a new country with $200 and having to make it a success within 12 months or risk having to return to your home country. That is exactly what Elena Edwards, owner of Hesefa Commercial Cleaning Services, The Beauty Shop and Africa Angels, faced 16 years ago. Listen and learn from this inspirational success story.

Watch and be inspired.

“What makes me happy? Making people happy, doing something for other people.” Elena Edwards

Watch Heidi’s interview with Rachel Smets, founder and owner of her fluency in six languages and tips for balancing a full-time job while launching her entrepreneurship dreams will inspire you to make 2016 the year that you chart your own path.

Watch and be inspired.

“I love meeting new cultures and people and that experience is what I share in webinars, video tutorials, and speaking events.” Rachel Smets,

Abigail Toner tells Heidi about how she started up her natural parenting center in Cairo, Egypt. Abigail’s business started from a Facebook page and has developed into a well balanced mix between an expat and Egyptian focused center. She talks about working in collaboration, just going for it and getting something started and the importance of being social and getting out there and finding connections with people. Abigail also talks a little about her different style of parenting and how that can impact her surroundings.

Watch and be inspired.

“It’s already making a positive impact and effecting my day to day. I have a passion for helping the country I live in and that my child is growing up in.” Abigail Toner, Cairo Mommies

Heidi and Shirelle LaTortue of Whitewall Branding share their stories of how ‘Getting Connected’ after they both returned from expat life in Asia made a difference to both of their businesses. Shirelle talks about Chapter 3 of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs called Overcoming Fear and how she makes fear her friend. She says “I feed off of my fear to compel me to work my brand.” Watch and be inspired.

Work your brand with Shirelle!

Heidi interviews Mike Miello, an American expat living and running his business Webodew in the Netherlands. Mike talks about his transition from playing baseball to studying and traveling to becoming an Internet entrepreneur. He also talks about his Mastermind group, getting connected, asking for help and helping to inspire others.

Bring energy to the web –

Heidi interviews Kirthi Mundada, an expat from India who lives in the UK. Kirthi started up Indian Tadka after a successful career in banking. Keen to make a change and introduce food from her home country to British friends, Kirthi cooks authentic Indian food and gives private Indian food cookery classes. She and Heidi discuss the importance of authenticity in her business and the ‘cheerleaders’ who inspire her to keep on going.

Eat Learn Love Indian Food – Indian Tadka

Heidi interviews Carolyne Huber, a Canadian expat in Australia, who started up Project Y U DO Australia. She looks at why people pack up their lives and move to Australia and talks about how a change of scenery can reinvigorate your life and your business.

Travel, explore and grow Project Y U DO Australia

Heidi talks to Colleen Reichrath-Smith co-author of Career in Your Suitcase, 4th Edition with Jo Parfitt. Colleen shares the 6 secrets to a portable career. Colleen, originally from Canada, currently lives in the Netherlands. She’s married to a Dutch man, speaks Dutch fluently and loves to teach people how to take their careers international or to able to take their career on an adventure. As a professional career consultant, Colleen talks about integrating into Dutch culture and adapting her career as an expat and how to juggle all the different roles we take on. Watch and learn – take notes to help you with your own business.

Career in Your Suitcase

This is the incredible story of how lawyer Rebecca Wofford helps to feed hundreds of school children in Africa. Rebecca is the executive director of The Lunch Project. Their goal is to provide long-term financial support to enable Tanzanian mothers to cook and serve a nutritional meal to schoolchildren in Tanzanian primary schools so children will be better equipped to learn. The Lunch Project also seeks to educate children in the U.S. about global philanthropy. Watch this video and then visit the website to see how you can get invovled.

The Lunch Project

Linda A. Janssen talks with Heidi about her book The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures. Living abroad offers enriching experiences of growth, broadened perspective, enhanced cultural understanding. Yet its transition-rich, change-driven, cross-cultural nature can place considerable demands, leaving us stressed, disconnected, our identity in flux. The Emotionally Resilient Expat shows the key to successful transitions and beyond lies in emotional resilience to adapt, adjust or simply accept.

The Emotionally Resilient Expat

Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching on Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs and her top tip for those just starting out.

Caterina Tzoridou of Olivity talks about her shop in Amsterdam and why there is never a ‘perfect time’ to start up a business.

Meghan at the AABC at the Amsterdam Marriot Hotel doing her 30 second intro with Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching.

Meghan at the ASBN at the Amsterdam College Hotel doing her presentation of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs.

Photos by Dave Pelham Photography

About Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs – a brief overview

Chapter overview – what’s in the book

Why did I write Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs?

Heidi Walker, co author of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs

A reading from the introduction of Inspring Global Entrepreneurs.

A reading from Chapter 2 of Inspring Global Entrepreneurs.